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Yoga & Movement        with

Susanne Abele 

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"When I let go of what I am,I can become what I might be"

Lao Te Ching



My name is Susanne ... 

... and my passion is to share the benefits of Yoga and movement with you, helping you to (re-) connect to your body, calm the mind, and live a happier, healthier, more active and conscious life. 

My diverse movement background, and the particular focus I put on healthy alignment and accessibility, based on a profound knowledge of the human anatomy, personal experiences with surgery and injury, and a background in Diversity & Inclusion and Coaching, provide the principles of my approach.


I teach in German, Italian and English language, in different studio locations in Milan, outdoors, at clients' homes, and online.

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Holistic practices to integrate body, mind and soul, for all levels of experience. Strength training and functional movement. 

 Individually tailored to your specific needs, in your language, in groups, in studio, at your home, or as corporate wellbeing initiative. 


 Yoga group classes 

In person & online 

Join my group Yoga classes - I offer a variety of dynamic Hatha Yoga styles in different studios throughout Milan, outdoors and online:


 + Hatha Flow

 + Vinyasa Flow

 + Vinyasa Krama

 + Rocket Inspired Vinyasa

 + Ashtanga

+ Budokon Yoga 

To balance out these strong, "Yang" practices, I offer regular Yin Yoga and meditation events - read more on your right, and follow me on IG for calendar updates!



Individual 1:1 Yoga - Private and small group classes
In person &

Are you new to Yoga and would like to learn the basics? Or deepen your practice and focus on specific aspects? 

You're looking for a way to relax, let go of stress? Want to get rid of back pain? 

Your work schedule doesn't allow you to join  studio classes? 

Whatever your motivation -

Private 1:1 sessions might be the best solution for you.

Classes will be tailored around your goals & needs, and can take place in the comfort of your home – with your baby, pet, etc. present if you wish.


Flexible hours, support and coaching all the way through our journey included.

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Meditation, Pranayama, Yin & Restorative Yoga
In perso
n & online

Yoga is often associated with the embodied Asana practice. But actually the Asana represent only one small aspect of this ancient, holistic discipline.


 It is scientifically proven that Pranayama  - also translated as "Breath work" -, mindfulness practices, and restorative Asana practices like Yin Yoga  calm the nervous system, help regulate anxiety and depression, lead to deep relaxation and help with better sleep. 

Try a group or private session and experience the healing powers of breath and meditation!


Budokon Yoga and Yobility

In person only

Budokon style Yoga is a dynamic, physically challenging Yoga style that synchronises classical Hatha Yoga with martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion. Mind science and Zen Buddhism are its' philosophical pillars.

It trains strength, stamina, and joint mobility, while sharpening focus and fostering self observation. 


A further part of the mixed movement system Budokon, is mobility training, Inspired e.g. by the floorwork of dancers, and BJJ techniques. 


Budokon helps you become a better mover on all levels, keeping you healthy and mobile. It's a great workout and so much fun! Why don't you try it yourself?!





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Strength and mobility training / Functional training 

In person & online

Accessible Yoga 

In person only

Want to add specific strength training to your Yoga practice, to master arm balances, jump troughs etc.? 

You are strong, but a reduced flexibility hinders you from doing certain movements? 

You notice that your range of motion becomes smaller with age, daily life tasks become more exhausting, and you want to change that? 

You'd like to improve your balance?

Great! Together we're going to make it happen! 


With a mix of high and low intensity training, based on body weight exercises and functional movement. Core training and postural training.

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(Social) Media create the impression that only thin, able bodied people could practice Yoga asana. That is not true.


Yoga is for EVERY body - the asana, and all the other aspects of it.  Don't be intimidated by Instagram and co.!! 

I am trained in the following fields and offer group and private classes on request:

+ Yoga during the pregnancy

+ Yoga post partum

+ Mum&Baby Yoga

+ Accessible Yoga

+ Chair Yoga

+ Yoga for the elderly

+ Restorative Yoga

I am also working on community projects for groups marginalised in the Yoga and Wellness Industry. If you have questions about that or would like to collaborate, please  reach out. 


Monday                   Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday            Friday               Saturday                  

10.00  - 11.30

Hatha Flow



13.00  - 14.00

Rocket Inspired Vinyasa



19.00 - 20.15

Vinyasa Krama


@Studio C.S.

19.00 - 20.15

 Vinyasa Krama

@Spazio Consapevole 

10.00  - 11.00

Yoga Posturale

per la 3. età



10.00  - 11.15

Mobility & Strength


19.00  - 20.15

Mobility & Strength // Movement Play

@Spazio Consapevole

Rama Yoga: Classes in rotation Saturdays 10am - ior @ The Garden at 9.00 / 10.15

20.30 - 21..45

 Vinyasa Flow (EN/IT)


19.15  - 20.15

Hatha Flow


17.45 - 18.45

 Budokon Yoga  (EN/IT)

@Spazio Consapevole

18.45 - 20.00

Budokon Yoga


Retreats and Workshops

Take a timeout from your daily routine, deepen your Yoga practice, give back to your community - here you find everything about upcoming Retreats, Workshops, Masterclasses and Charity events.

Green Water

Spend 3 days on the magical Isola del Giglio and immerse yourself in beautiful mediterranean nature, reconnecting to your body through Yoga, hiking and mixed movement. 


EARLY BIRD UNTIL 15/03: 300€

350€ AFTER 15/03



EARLY BIRD UNTIL 15/03:  440€

490€ AFTER15/03

For more information, email or click below

24/05/2024 - 26/05/2024
Isola del Giglio (Toscana)
Hotel La Guardia
Max. 16 participants


Leave the heat of the city, take some time for yourself and celebrate the beginning of summer!


Relax by the pool, meet like minded people, enjoy good food and energizing Yoga practices – only 1 hour away from Milan, in the beautiful Montferrato wine region. 



Early bird until 30/03: 370€

410€ AFTER 30/03



Early bird until 30/03: 410€

450€ AFTER 30/03

Transfer from the closest train station (Alessandria) available upon request.


Dogs welcome :)


Yoga classes will be held in English and / or Italan language.

For more information, email or click below

21 /06 - 23/06/2024
Cascina Intersegna
Vignale (AL)

Max. 12 participants





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Video Library 

Coming soon

Dāna for May & June 2024:

Practice for Gaza

The practice on your right is part of a complete class, filmed at lake Como.


It's a gentle, full body Vinyasa Flow practice, thought to connect to nature and to each other.


Suitable also for beginners with knowledge of  common postures.

No arm balances, inversions or similar.

No props needed, if you'd like to use Yoga blocks feel free:)

To receive the link for the full practice, donate whatever you like to the project "A doula for Palestine", supporting pregnant women, new mothers, and their families in Gaza. 

Use the following link:

Once you have made your donation, send me a screenshot via email to, and I'll send you the link for the class. 



Gentle Vinyasa Flow practice live** by the lake - complete practice is 60 minutes. 

All donations go to "A doula for Palestine".

Follow "Doula for Palestine" to meet the families they support:


Also, every Monday evening at 10pm, live on Instagram under the following link:​

Assist live meditation, Yoga practices, readings and more, donation based (in Italian),


Donations will go directly to a specific mother or family, which will be introduced each week during the IG live. 

*Dāna (Sanskrit, Pali): The virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms - taking the practice off the mat by giving to those in need. 

**My apologies for the background noise - this was an actual live class, there was a bit of traffic in the back but it's still well hearable - the helicopter passes quickly

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Susanne Abele

Via J. Palma 8 (M1 Gambara)

Milan, Italy

+ 39 351 7199192

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Partita IIVA: 13051170960

Thank you for contacting me. I'll get back to you asap.

Copyright Susanne Abele 2023  ©  All rights reserved 
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