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Who is behind "Soulmate Milan"? 

Soulmate is a project found and directed by Susanne Abele.

Susanne is passionate about Yoga, all forms of movement and sport, about supporting and uplifting others, building community, and contributing to a more helpful, inclusive and loving society. She teaches Yoga and Budokon, offers Coaching for women, and serves as an outside counsel for businesses in the wellness and fitness industry focusing on questions of diversity, inclusion and accessibility.  

Susanne  is

originally from Germany, living in Milan  since 2017. She speaks and teaches in  German, English and Italian.

vegetarian, dog Mum, animal lover

travel addict, art and nature lover


trained as a lawyer in Germany, worked as a health&safety specialist for nearly 10 years for a US based company, passionate about D&I, additional degree in intercultural communication, trained as a systemic intercultural Coach  


Yoga and movement teacher full time since 2021. Registered with the International Yoga Alliance and Budokon University. 

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Susanne moved to Milan from Germany in 2017, bringing her love for movement, sports and dance, which have been a constant in her life from early childhood on, with her.   

In 2018 she completed her first 200 hour Yoga teacher training. After  further education, she started teaching part-time in 2019. In addition, she trained as a professional coach, specialising in intercultural communication.

In 2021, Susanne left  her office job at the compliance department of an international corporation to follow her passion and  teach Yoga and movement full time, accompanying her students on their path to physical and mental wellbeing. 


Food for thought:

"The human body is not meant to sit and stare at a screen all day long, it is meant to move and be active. We have access to the most advanced technologies, more than enough food, and a quite safe and easy life, compared to our ancestors, and still as many people as never before suffer from diseases like cancer or heart attack, burn out and depression. How is that possible?  - The old saying "mens sana in corpore sano" says it all."

"Resilience is generally defined as "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness; elasticity".  Lately the word "resilience" is used inflationary, in a distorted  way that suggests we need to accept and endure whatever we are exposed to, regardless of our own needs and suffering. Function without complaining.

This understanding of resilience, the lifestyle connected to it, makes people sick."

"If you want to be happy, remember:

YOU are the most important person in your life and your health should be your number 1 priority. That doesn't mean you should be unfriendly or egoistic. But you are not obliged to do what other people expect you to do. You must not be liked by everybody.

You must not put your job before your wellbeing."

"Expect nothing, appreciate everything".


What distinguishes  Susanne from other Yoga teachers is her diverse movement background, and the particular focus she puts on inclusiveness, with the aim to open the practice of Yoga to everybody, and her attention to healthy alignment in the poses.

From personal experience, Susanne knows how injury, disease and surgery can disconnect us from our body, and how this disconnection affects the emotional and mental wellbeing. And she knows how meditation and  physical exercise help through challenging times. This, combined with a fasciation for the human body,  draws her particularly to working with students recovering from surgery or injury.


Susanne predominantly teaches dynamic Yoga styles, but loves and appreciates the therapeutic aspects of Yoga, slow and gentle practices and meditation just as much. In her classes she combines the different approaches to offer what fits best for the students she works with.

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2018: 200 hrs Vinyasa Yoga TT -  BaliYoga Milan, IT


2019: 45 hrs Yin Yoga TT - Soul&Yoga Hamburg, DE


2020: 50 hrs Restorative Yoga TT - 

Hohm Street Yoga, Milan, IT


2021: 25 hrs Yoga during pregnancy and post parto,  Power Yoga Institute,  Hamburg, DE


2021: 15 hrs Mum and Baby Yoga  TT -Arhanta Yoga Academy  (online)


2021 - 2022: 50 hrs  Budokon Yoga - Budokon University (Montana USA /online)


2022: 30 hrs Yoga for the elderly -Wiener Yogaschule, Vienna, AT


04/2022 - 12/2022: 300 hrs Vinyasa Yoga  TT (Ashtanga & Iyengar based)  - Joan Hyman's The School of Yoga, @ YogaKula Vienna, AT






Apart from Yoga, Susanne is a qualified Assistente di Sala (2018),  Aerobic trainer (2003), and about to be certified as an Animal Flow instructor and personal trainer.

Teachers that most influence(d) Susanne's practice and teaching: 

Joan Hyman

Cameron Shayne

Jeanne  Heileman

Annie Carpenter

David Robson

Fabrizio Ferruci

Jule Rathjens

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Why "Soulmate"?

According to Yogic philosophy, we are all coming from the same universal source of energy, and are made of this energy. That means we are all the same, we are all connected. We are all soulmates.

Soulmate Milan wants to help you discover this energy in yourself, and recognise it in all creatures. To create love, connection, understanding and inclusion for all, and live Yoga in its' deepest sense.

Copyright Soulmate-Milan 2023© All rights reserved. 

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