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Who is behind Soulmate?


Soulmate is a project found and directed by Susanne Abele.

Susanne teaches Yoga, Budokon Yoga & Mobility, offers Coaching for women, and serves as external counsel for businesses in the wellness and fitness sector for anything concerning diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

Originally from Germany, living in Milan since 2017, she offers all her services in English, Italian and German language.





What distinguishes  Susanne from other Yoga teachers is her diverse movement background, and the particular focus she puts on inclusiveness in her teaching.


She loves dynamic practices, as much as the therapeutic aspects of Yoga, and meditation. Combined with a fasciation for the human body and her own experiences with disease and surgery, this draws her particularly to working with students with specific medical conditions. Read more...


Meditation Gebetshaltung Schloss_edited.png

Just as we are more than our body, and need more than only physical strength and fitness to be well, Yoga is more than exercise. It also works on a mental and spiritual level - training the body in order to calm the mind and connect to the soul, through asana practice, pranayama and meditation. Read more...


Check out the weekly group class schedule here.

For private classes and corporate Yoga request more information via email.



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Budokon, abbreviated BDK, is an all embracing hybrid movement system created by mixed martial artist Cameron Shayne in 2001, that combines Yoga with Calisthenics, animal locomotion, mobility training and striking and grappling techniques. 

Susanne teaches Budokon Yoga, and includes mobility training and animal locomotion in her Yoga and bodyweight training classes. She is one of the few teachers in Italy offering this style.  Read more...

Coaching for women


Coaching is a tool for personal development. The essence of Coaching is raising awareness and responsibility through self reflection, in order to unlock each individual's own potential. Embodiment is one important component of coaching.

Since Yoga, mindfulness and Coaching have a lot in common and complement each other, the combination of these disciplines is a natural. ​

Susanne is a qualified Coach, trained in systemic, intercultural Coaching. Read more...



Here you find infos on events and initiatives to create community, make new friends, and offer an opportunity for exchange. 


Group class schedule 

  Monday                        Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday                    Friday                  Saturday                         

10.00 -  Hatha Flow

@Rama Yoga

13.00 -  Rocket Inspired Vinyasa

@Rama Yoga


12.45  -  Hatha Flow

@Arcobaleno Danza

07.30  - 08.45

Ashtanga Basics

@Spazio Consapevole


Rama Yoga: Classes in rotation Saturdays 10am 


19.00 - 20.45 Vinyasa Flow


@Studio C.S.

19.00 - 20.15

Vinyasa Krama

@Spazio Consapevole 

19.00 -  Budokon Yoga

@Rama Yoga

19.15 Hatha Flow

@Arcobaleno Danza


Budokon 1. Series (EN/IT)

@Spazio Consapevole


For locations, pricing  and booking click here

Upcoming events

Community event: Mindful Aperitivo

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 21.59.43.png

When?     The 4th Wednesday of the month, 19.30



                    Back in September!!

Learn more ->


Update coming soon

When?              June 02 - 04, 2023

Where?            Agriturismo Intersegna 1, 15049                               Vignale (AL), Piemonte

Contribution:  285 € shared room

                           395 € single room

Magical Chianti - Tuscany retreat 

May 2024 - More infos coming soon

Yoga Retreat Toskana fuer social und web.jpg

Together with my friends from "The hidden treasures", a travel agency based in Florence, I'll be leading a Yoga retreat in the Chianti area in Tuscany in May and October! 🇮🇹

This retreat will be thought in GERMAN/ENGLISH!

The retreat combines yoga, meditation and mindfulness with a breeze of Italian lifestyle. A diverse mix of in-depth yoga and meditation sessions, input on the topic of mindfulness as well as joint excursions offers a multifaceted retreat experience. At the same time, it leaves enough time to let the soul unwind in a beautiful ambience.

Maximum 8 participants!

For more information and booking, click here:

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