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19.30 - 20.45

Vinyasa Flow


@Studio C.S.



19.00 - 20.15

 Vinyasa Flow

@Spazio Consapevole 


11.00 - 12.15

 Budokon Flow  (EN/IT)

@Spazio Consapevole

11.00 - 12.30 

Vinyasa &Yin Flow (EN/IT)



Classes in english language are indicated with (EN). 

Class description:

*Morning Flow                Activate body and mind with this fluid, but gentle practice. Every class starts with meditation and pranayama, followed by dynamic movements to activate 

                                           muscles and  joints and start the day positive and full of energy.   Builds strength and increases joint mobility and flexibility.

*Hatha Flow                   A dynamic practice, in which positions are connected  fluidly, to then be held for several breaths, allowing particular attention on alignment and breath. Builds   

                                           strength and increases joint mobility and flexibility.

*Vinyasa Flow               A series of postures (asana) is connected in a flow through fluid transitions, breath and movement are synchronised, leading to a state of  meditation in movement.

                                          This style trains body and mind - it increases strength, flexibility and balance,  enhances concentration and helps to reduce stress.  

*Budokon Yoga            A dynamic, fluid and strong practice. BDK is based on traditional Yoga, but focuses on the transitions rather than staying in poses for longer periods.  It incorporates                                            references to martial arts, calisthenics and  animal locomotion  and increases joint mobility and strength. For the warrior in you. 

* Yin Yoga                      A slow, static style, in which every position is held for several minutes. Helps joint mobility and flexibility, prevents injury and muscle pain .

                                          Favours meditation and concentration, helps to relax deeply. Suitable for everybody.


Spazio INTO:  Via Apelle 4 (M1 Gorla) ->

Studio C.S.:  Corso Buenos Aires 64 (M1 Lima/Loreto)

Spazio Consapevole: Via Jacopo Palma 8 (M1 Gambara)

Parco Sempione: Arco della Pace  (M1 Cadorna / M2 Lanza)   



Trial            5€

Drop-in     17€ / Park only: 12€

4 classes  60€ / Park only: 45€

Students   12€ / 10€

10 classes 145€  

Packages are valid for 2 months (4x) / 3 months (10x).


"If you practice Yoga once a week, it will change your mind.  If you practice twice a week, it


will change your body. If you practice every day, it will change your life:"

B.K.S. Iyengar

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