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The purpose of this project is to share the benefits of Yoga, and the joy and wellbeing of different kinds of movement, and to support you leading a happier, healthier, active and mindful life.


Qualified, professional, in your language, in your preferred location, 1 : 1 or in groups.









What distinguishes Soulmate from other holistic projects, and Susanne from other Yoga teachers, is the additional knowledge in systemic coaching, and the particular focus put on inclusiveness, aiming to open the practice of Yoga to everybody, as well as the mix of different styles and disciplines she unites in her practice and teaching.


Just as we are more than our body, and need more than only physical strength and fitness to be well, Yoga is more than exercise. It also works on a mental and spiritual level - training the body in order to calm the mind and connect to the soul, through asana practice, pranayama and meditation. There's an approach for everyone, just like many ways lead up the same mountain. 



In order to find your individual approach, Susanne offers:


   Teaching in different languages.

   Sequencing focused on how the practice feels, not how it looks.

   Aiming on including groups of practitioners that tend to be marginalised.

   Adapting the practice to the student’s individual needs, with a specific focus on injury and surgery recovery,       

   pregnancy, body type, age, and disabilities.

   This includes acknowledging that there is not one style of Yoga that is better than another, but that all methods are

    equal and have their benefits. They are different drawers of the same shelf, that need to be opened and mixed in

    the most reasonable way to serve the individual's needs.


   Allowing other disciplines to influence the Yoga practice, while honouring the lineage and focusing on healthy


   Recognising that any activity, all types of movement and sports,  are Yoga, when performed

   mindfully and consciously, and there's neither hierarchy nor competition between them.  It’s the intention that

   counts, not the appearance! 




From personal experience, Susanne knows how injury, disease and surgery disconnect us from our body, and how this disconnection affects the emotional and mental wellbeing. And she knows how meditation and  physical exercise help through challenging times.


Yoga as a holistic discipline is the perfect expression of the connection between body, mind and soul, and Susanne loves and appreciates strong, dynamic practices, as much as the therapeutic aspect of Yoga, slow and gentle practices, meditation and mindfulness practices. This, combined with a fasciation for the human draws her particularly to working with students recovering from surgery or injury.



No matter your age, experience, specific health condition – based on your individual needs and requests we will find the ideal holistic approach to support you on your personal journey - from Yoga to functional training, from meditation and mindfulness practices to coaching.


Come as you are, all are welcome! 

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